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Medicare 2017 Will See Payments Cuts To Physicians And Health Care Providers

New Congressional budget agreement will make it more difficult for American seniors to find physicians and other health care providers in 2017.

The Congressional budget agreement of 2015 proposes that over a two year period, a $80 billion raise in spending, and an emergency war fund increase of $32 billion, would be offset by Medicare 2016, and Medicare 2017 spending cuts, and cuts in Social Security benefits extended over the same two years.

The Medicare 2017 savings would come from payment cuts to health care providers and doctors, leaving Medicare beneficiaries scrambling to find physicians, and providers, who will still accept Medicare covered patients.

However, at the same time, millions of Medicare Part B beneficiaries would be protected from unexpected out-of-pocket cost increases, rarely seen in Social Security, because of an absence of a cost-of-living increase due to inflation being unusually low.


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